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Custom Equipment
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Custom Goat and Sheep Feeders

VKV Goat and Sheep Equipment

Equipment designed by people
using it in their own herd...

You’ve come to the right place!


VK Ventures got their start raising one of the largest Boer goat herds in SW Minnesota. Through that experience with goats and before that, sheep, they are turning their focus to fabricating feeding equipment specifically for goats and sheep.  

Located in the SW Corner of Minnesota,
near South Dakota, North Dakota & Iowa

VKV Round Bale Feeders
I wish we’d have come
here first...

Proud Members of the Pride of Minnesota
Boer Goats & Heartland Goat Meat Association

VKV Feeders VKV Feeders

We don’t just make it, we used it!

Raising goats requires special equipment. VK Ventures not only fabricates goat feeders, but we used our equipment for years on our own large Boer Goat herd. We know what works!

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